PHP Source Code Compressor/Encoder Antivirus evasion tool :: May 24 2014

Hi Everyone ,

i write a new online tool for website which can compress/encode your php source code and also make it undetectable by antiviruses if it has something malicious .
tool address :
i should mention i design this program just for research purposes and any illegal use of this tool is at your own risk ,

so so , for test , i used a simple r57shell script ( yeah i am old fashioned :D ) ,

source script size was : 103.5kb
and also virus total scan result was :
detect ratio : 30/52 !!!

Encoder generated file size : 32.5kb
Virus total scan result : 
detect ratio : 0/52 !!!


Final Result :

detection evasion ratio : 100%
compression ratio with default settings : 318% (could reach more ratio by disabling base64 encode) 

have a nice day ,

            Khashayar Fereidani