How to use Google reCAPTCHA in Node.js and Express Framework :: Aug 16 2015

Today i was searching for a good library to work with reCAPTCHA version 2 in nodejs , but unfortunatly i did'nt find any,

so i start writing new library and publish it for public use ....

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Nodejs Template Engines Benchmark - 2014 Updated :: Oct 31 2014

Hi All ,

These past days i was looking for a flexible and fast template engine for my recent projects with nodejs and i had serious problems for choosing the best .
I looked all the internet for good benchmark game and read many reviews for days and at last i find out many these reviews and benchmarks are old and unreliable .
one of the best benchmarks was : but it wasn't updated for about 2 years and benchmarks used outdated template engines .
so i decide to make my own benchmark game and find the best by my self .

i used...

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2 Bounties from Yahoo! :: Aug 20 2014

Hi Everyone ,

I recently joined hackerOne and received 2 bounties from yahoo , i'm also listed in yahoo's hall of fame !
I find hackerOne , a beneficial website for both teams and researchers to work and participate on security stuffs in a professional environment .
It was well experience and i enjoyed to work on hackerOne and suggest other security researchers to join in .

it's my hackerone account and will be updated very soon with my new reports .


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How to fix Postfix "No route to host" Problem :: May 25 2014
Categories :
Server Management

yesterday , i have a email server to config and as my usual i start to config MTA with postfix ,
i was configured anything right and server didnt not work correctly ,
i try to read /var/log/maillog and i fin.......

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PHP Source Code Compressor/Encoder Antivirus evasion tool :: May 24 2014

Hi Everyone ,

i write a new online tool for website which can compress/encode your php source code and also make it undetectable by antiviruses if it has something malicious .
tool address :
i should mention i design this program just for research pur.....

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Hello Again ! :: May 24 2014

after 4 years i decide to redesign my website and make serious changes for my future plans.
i will update this place with my new projects and ideas + some tutorials .
so keep in touch .

cYa !
         Khashayar Fereidani

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